Monday, April 23, 2012

Hold Me While I’m Naked


Hold Me While I'm Naked is a pastiche of Hollywood melodrama and soft-core eroticism, focusing on the frustrated efforts of an untalented director who loses his female lead and cannot replace her.


LoveT. said...



Anonymous said...

hahah, this looks great!

el7ºdeyahve said...

una pena, porque cuando te haces una idea con alguien y tienes que sustituirlo la idea ya no sebe igual, un abrazo amigo harri de condor se feliz.

Jon said...

Aw, heck - - at this point in my life I can't even get people to hold me while I'm clothed.....

Inspiring Scent Of Rain said...

donna kernes & kuchar. best proposition we've heard all week.

David Toms said...

Seems to carry all the themes I like!

luna said...

Feliz dia de San Jordi con todo mi cariño.


Looks interesting...

Jéanne said...

I can see that that would be very frustrating indeed! :)

Miss Starshiny said...

Thanks for visiting my blog!
Miss Starshiny

martinealison said...

je ne connais pas.

Joe said...

IV. Like the cadillac, pristine and blue, the house was abandoned. Kit was gone. Devereaux could still see him surrounded by his movie posters but no longer did his opinions ricochet off the walls. All that remained was an odour redolent of fermenting fruit.

Harmony said...

Have an awesome week, Hair!! :D



Elle.Palmer said...

Hi, thanks for the comment. Hope you'll have a super week as well. x

Randy said...

Love it!


I tried to replace irreplaceable
And forget unforgettable people.
I did things on impulse
I've been disappointed with people
I never thought that I would be disappointed,
But now let others down.
Already embraced to protect,
Have I laughed when I could not,
I made friends for life,
And friends that I never saw.
I loved and was loved,
But it has also been rejected,
I loved and not loved.
I screamed and jumped for joy,
I have lived and made vows of eternal love,
And I broke my face many times!
I cried listening to music and viewing photos,
've Called just to hear a voice,
I fell in love with a smile,
I've thought it was going to die so homesick
And I was afraid of losing someone special (and ended up losing).
But I lived!
And still alive!
No step in life.
And you should not pass!
Well it is going to fight with determination,
Embrace life with passion,
Winning with class
And win with boldness,
Even in our limited time has been shown to be truthful and teach us that no matter what position we may be .... The life always follow in a gentle way .... why are you in your most simple and pure simplicity the woman that was created segues to a single force for wanting to do what your hands reach ... I leave you a bj affectionate in her heart and that your weekend is full of joy and peace so that when I come back here I can find peace in your face .... What had been done in your fragelidade and magnitude of a woman ...
1. I came from far away, so far, only your heart can reach this distance and this smile that tomorrow ask me to give you.
I understand your surprise at what I say. But what surprises may be better than the enchanted valley I brought for you?
Yes, I know that your are missed more than meet all your best circumstances. But the longing to have it always be greater than we have at present. For every miss is incomplete by itself.
But ... What are you worth more to remember than to live? Most wish to complete your homesickness than fill your day with new opportunities?
You say you do not have? I embrace you with my love and I sympathize with you ...
I also came from afar to marvel at its beautiful and wise words that reached my heart.
Thank you great poet. I loved coming here and I deslumbrei with the wonders of their inspiração.Tomei free to post this comment in your blog ... Repaying this way, one way loving your significant visit my blog, which have enriched his finest reviews ... A good weekend!
A big hug! And a tender kiss .... HTTP :/ /
I'm already following your blog ... By the way very nice posts and bj .... Asuntos lindona.
I'm going to say that their palvras are like honeycomb .... drip .... wisdom in what you say: I want contunue to give us joy with your words .... you know palvras which always bring itself a learning And what it says ... and the beauty of your simpliscidade prepared written will always be a piece of you ... it was as if the down part of your heart that carries your purest feelings of the woman which thou wast created in its most sincerity and pure in its fragelidade what you were formed with honor.

And I confess that I pass every day I become even more a fan of this little corner I wish you a great week-ending ..... I leave you a bj in her heart ...


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