Saturday, January 31, 2009

When Evil Finds

Dogs are comin' north up the river road. It's like they always have a sense when my arrival is due. My dogs, and what dusty, dirty little angels they are today. Minnie Mouse, Micky and Puddles.

Guess lots of cars have been goin' back and forth to the boat club today. A pack of drunk river dogs who can't afford to dock at the Pinehurst Country Club. Cherry is the mom, but she got flattened over by the graveyard exit by crazy drinkers goin' as fast as they could to go see the boat races or maybe to go all the way north up the river road to have sex.

Smelly sex where you can't get it off of you after you spit on your hands and try to rub it off or even take a bath with two tablespoons of bleach. If people could be honest with themselves they would know that the smell never comes off.

When evil finds a home there is no cleanin' house.

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Silver in Silver Lake said...

A cross between Carson McCullers and Gore Vidal's personal diaries?!

Pinecone Stew