Thursday, July 30, 2009

John And Yoko

Looking up the road, he saw a car approaching. Neither vehicle was moving rapidly. Visibility was perfect. Suddenly John panicked. He flung his hands as if he had been galvanized. The white Maxi hurtled off the road and slammed into a ditch. They all were thrown forward violently, striking their heads against the dashboard, the windshield, of the side walls of the car.

When the Lennons were discharged from the hospital, they were flown home in a helicopter. Yoko staggered out of the plane and took to her bed. A few days later the wrecked Maxi was hauled onto the property. When John looked inside, he was fascinated by the blood all over the seats, particularly in the back seat. "Oh, grrreat!" he enthused. "Don't touch it!" he commanded the astonished Les Anthony. "Leave it just as it is!" Eventually Yoko got the idea of putting the car atop a concrete pedestal in front of the living-room windows so that when the family looked out on the lawn, they would feel grateful for their survival.

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