Thursday, January 13, 2011

Heather Graham

How long 'til the FBI's knocking on your door?

Who needs heavy military gear when you can make your own flamethrower/I-pod holder out of a little PVC tubing, copper wiring and some plumbing bits from Koontz Hardware in West Hollywood?

Swimming pools.

Movie stars.

hi yah H E A T H E R


Anonymous said...

What is Heather working on now?

KINHA said...

Hi Angel

Thanks for your lovely visit. Welcome there.
I love your blog.


Peixesempeixes said...

Hello Angel,

thanks for your visit and compliments the stock plots and VHS

Great blog.

Alexandre Heberte


Tks, i love my sunglass!!!Tks for your visit, welcome to my blog!!!
Your blog is amazing!!!
Follow me...
Kisses from Brazil

noiseonmybackestage said...

I (L) Heather, she is cool!


"La MoDe" c'est un secret said...

Hola!!....thanks for your coment on my blog!....your space are very "special"...jijiji....Un abrazo!

Anonymous said...

Hello my dear! I was happy for visiting my blog, and I am already following her, which surprised me and pleased me very much! thanks, hugs, Lukhas Stein. (l.stein)

ccatchme said...

OMG, i've just seen the photos, they're amazing
i'll definitely put one on my blog :B lol
thanks for telling me!
ps: i like your blog

Pinecone Stew