Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wasted Bamboo

Bamboo Palace is straight in the back from the entrance. It gets a little sinister
back there because it gets darkest the first and the road curves down almost to the
edge of the swamp.

You can't see it, but once you've smelled rotted swamp you
can smell them a mile off. I'm just sayin'. Any size of fishing pole you want is just
waitin' to be chopped down with one rusty hatchet. Brent gets carried away and hacks paths and trails just for the heck of it.

Wasted bamboo, wasted fishin' poles and wasted Brent.


julien hakym said...

Nowadays, everythings are wasted!
but human does all of it..

mac-and-me said...

time to get wasted

xdragonxb0i said...

cool site. following

Support the cause! *click*

Isabel said...

To marry you?
I´ll think it... ;-)

T. Roger Thomas said...

Makes me wonder what he is using to hack down the bamboo- machete?

Amalek said...

nice stuff!

Martyn Fisher Pryce said...

like the contrast, really beautiful.... quite earthy too.

Pinecone Stew