Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bill Reid Hollywood Producer

To: Bill Reid --
From: Jack Nicholson --
Sent: 2/22/2011 1:47 AM

I just got your email and wanted to make sure you made your flight to Turkey. K? Well? Huh?

To: Jim Jarmusch --
cc: Barbra Streisand --, Jack Nicholson --, Kool Marder --, Roman Polanski --
From: Bill Reid --
2/22/2011 3:12 AM

Well, I made it on time. I was picked up at the airport in a very nice Range Rover with flowers and a camera man on board. The hotel is very nice! It looks like I will be having a small entourage follow me around for the filming.

To: Bill Reid --
From: Roman Polanski --
Sent: 2/22/2011 3:15 AM

What's the little chick-a-dee situation there in Istanbul? I mean, is it worth it?

To: Bill Red --
From: Jack Nicholson --
Sent: 2/22/2011 3:18 AM

Get to the part about the oily brick of hash in the fruit basket. K? Well? Huh?


Leminski said...

thanks for the comment, my blog talks about what to do in Recife - Pernambuco-Brasil. Some places and things to do for people that likes moviment or not... the beaches are a good choise to who wants keep distance from the hot carnival that's happening around here this days. see U.

Leminski said...

I'm improving english language on my blog very soon, ok? please, spread my blog to your friends...

Anonymous said...


Babs said...

Damn, another private email address down the shitter!

Brut said...

Wow... wild!

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