Monday, February 21, 2011

If, Part II

If your doctor is not prescribing Ambien CR for you this could be you on any given evening.

If you live in a vibrant urban area.


Tiago Braga said...

Currently, I have a picture of me in the competition, whose theme is "ecological footprint ". For me it's very important that travel through the link below and voting on my photo!
The way to do is the following: raisins on the link, click on like the page and then click on like in the photo (FIRST YOU HAVE TO LIKE THE PAGE).

The link is

I am Very Grateful to you!
Much thanks!

Greeting! Strong Hug

Leminski said...

nice... I live in a vibrant place!

Decadent said...

Such a nice blog, I haven't expected to find something like that.

I'm Ben said...

axes ftw

Pinecone Stew