Thursday, May 26, 2011

Richard Prince

Untitled (Cowboy), 1989
Chromogenic print

50 x 70 in. (127 x 177.8 cm)


Carm said...

Nice picture, too much blue for me though. Unless it was hung up in a room with blue walls, maybe it wold look nice like that.

Andrés Corella said...

Hey thanks for commenting on my blog I really appreciate it...You have a really cool blog and I like very much the pictures you post...keep up the good work

The Black Label

Jose said...

Great picture!

MRanthrope said...


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Cildemer said...

Great picture!
Thanks for sharing. And thanks for visiting and taking the time to comment;o)

Have a nice and happy day****

kamikaze said...

Majestuoso el conjunto hombre caballo.
Majestuosa la foto

Natalia Rodríguez Gosálbez said...

lovely picture (L)
follow 4 follow? (:

BigMike said...

I love old pictures that look fake, but are not.

Maar said...

I lovw your photos!
Add me please!

Silenciosamente ouvindo... said...

Da Irlanda apenas para deixar
um beijinho.Irene

JkF50 said...

Looks pretty nice bro!

RAD said...


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Randy said...

Amazing photograph Harry!

Anonymous said...

Dear Harry,

I like the image, but it wasn't

Richard Prince that shot the original photograph.

Technically, I have a problem with these particular

works by Prince because he 'appropriated' someone

else's work and made a massive pile of money

when the original photographer received nothing.

Then again, when was Art ever moral?



Pinecone Stew