Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Greta Garbo

Still more bad news: Greta Garbo was on a European vacation, and reports of her embarrassing behavior there had reached the States. The less reserved European press commented on Garbo's frequent companionship with the Swedish Countess Ingrid Wachtmeister. The Countess, like Garbo, preferred boots and trousers, and was known in Sweden as a lesbian.

On a trip to Paris, they were spotted at a lesbian bar. One account called it "one of the most lurid nightclubs in Montmartre, frequented by hard-boiled women of the Paris demimonde, who go there attired in mannish costumes to give lady tourists the shock they are looking for by asking them to dance."

It was reported that the Countess danced the night away with "female gigolos," while Garbo, in black wig and glasses, watched from the bar.


黄清华 Wong Ching Wah said...

Very interesting story and character, it is something i do not hear of hear in a Muslim Country of Malaysia!
Interesting post, have a nice day!

T. Roger Thomas said...

It's amazing to me just how reluctant Hollywood is to be honest about the lives of their stars

Cloudia said...

Thank you for this neglected 'hidden'

Aloha from Honolulu
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Kid said...

She didn't want to be alone then, huh?

Jon said...

There was much Hollywood hype about Garbo's passionate "love affair" with John Gilbert.
In later years, someone asked Garbo the Big Question: "Were you really in love with John Gilbert?"

Her answer was startling:
"love him? I didn't even like him....."

I, for one, love Garbo. My favorite Garbo film is "Flesh and the Devil".

Jojo said...

Thank you for sharing this story!

Susan said...

I would've never guessed. Come out of the closet Greta!

faroukfahmy said...

Thank you for yr interesting story

Bento Sales said...

Hello, friend Harry!
"Tell me whom you walk I tell you who you are," teaches us that phrase of Goethe.
But Greta Garbo is beautiful even.


MRanthrope said...

moral of the story, old hollywood held their secret lesbos in high regard.

G said...

Such a shame that even now there is a stigma attached to it

Beau Thompson said...

Yea, this story showed up in my Google news stuff.

Crazy girl.

★MaRiBeL★ said...

(=' :') :*
(,('')('')¤°Feliz Semana Santa!

Pinecone Stew said...

Happy Easter everyone!

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xoxo Harry

Randy said...

She was so lovely.

Vladimir said...

I was unaware of her true nature. Well who cares seha was a beatiful woman

Pinecone Stew