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In Bettina time.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Bill Reid Hollywood Producer

From: Roman Polanski --
To: Jack Nicholson --
Sent: 7/23/2010 12;13 AM

Now that little ole me is no longer under house arrest in Switzerland, I feel like a human being. Well . . . as much of a human being as someone like me can feel. The outpouring of kindness and small gifts from the international community is both humbling AND heartwarming. In all honesty though, I can't wait to find some fresh young babes to get the old Polanski juices to flowing and glowing . . . if you get my drift.

I keep getting these interesting head shots of some chick named "Okinawa" left with the concierge at my apartment in Paris. Persistent little devil, I must say.

From: Jack Nicholson --
To: Jim Jarmusch --
Sent: 7/23/2010 1:47 AM

I'm getting pictures and resumes from that chick named "Oneida" just like Roman. I'm getting the willies up here whenever they are left under the gate. Something makes me feel that these may have that scary pimp Gloria Allred written all over them!

From: Jim Jarmusch --
To: Bill Reid --
Sent: 7/26/2010 3:12 AM

I played an intense and satisfying 2 sets of tennis with my trainer and decided to refresh and renew myself on the lanai with a big glass of iced tea. I had no sooner than plomped my feet up on the table when I noticed a stack of unsolicited pictures and resumes from some boney-assed girl name "Oksana". WTF ??!! Is a man's sanctuary no longer sacred in this town?

From: Bill Reid --
To: Roman Polanski --
Sent: 7/26/2010 3:15 AM

Someone left a Rubik's Cube in my box downstairs at the hotel here! I'm up here shaking like a stripper in a Mexican truck stop!!!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Michael Riley

Untitled [red cross] 1998
chromogenic pigment print
82" x 108"

Monday, July 26, 2010

More Than Bottled Water

Still cheaper than Starbucks.

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Mae Marsh

Mae Marsh plays hooky from a Hollywood convent in 1910 to see her sister act in a D.W. Griffith picture. Two years later, she is working for him.

In "The Real Tinsel", she recalls the experience: "Mr. Griffith would tell me exactly what to do. On the first day, he explained, 'I want you to sit on that rock wall over there. This boy you're sitting next to, you're very, very much in love with him. Have you ever been in love?' and I said, 'oh yes!', which I hadn't. He said, 'Just think that you're terribly in love and look up at him, shy-like'. So I did, and then he said, 'Now get up and run away.' So I got up and ran away. That was my first acting part and I loved it. I said to Mr. Griffith. 'When am I going to do it again?' He said, 'You've done it once. You can't do it again. That was fine. Maybe you can do something tomorrow.'"

Mae Marsh goes on from this modest debut to stat, unforgettably in "The Birth Of A Nation" and "Intolerance".

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Turbo !

The choice of movie stars and titans of industry everywhere.

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Suffragette City

"It's a swaggering rock track in the key of A."

Pip Williams

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The Flaming Lips

The Soft Bulletin

Genre: Rock
Released June 22, 1999
(p) 1999 Warner Bros. Records, Inc.

Kool Marder: It's got a good beat and you can dance to it.

G O D: The best band in the world.

I am no longer sending out free copies of this disc. and buy often and buy oftener. Ya hear?!


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Early Tuesday

Some 150 people were at a party at the Fraternal Order of Eagles Hall in Elmwood Place when the fight started early Tuesday.

Seven police jurisdictions were called in to quell the fighting.

Ransom Money

Federal Agents with the ransom money for Frank Sinatra Jr.

Frank Sinatra Sr. is said to have impetuously offered $1 million for the safe return of his only son, but the kidnappers insisted they wanted only $240,000.

The kidnappers would later say that they had an amicable relationship with Sinatra Jr. until they asked for his father's phone number.

He flatly refused.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Kevin At The Getty

"And now, another chapter of triple keg-like behavior"

Pinecone Stew